Customized software solutions for businesses

Efficient and user-friendly solutions adjusted to our partners' needs.

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Customized software solutions for businesses

Efficient and user-friendly solutions adjusted to our partners' needs.

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20 years of experience

in frontend and backend development

When can we help?

  • Your business needs custom software

  • You cannot find an existing solution to automatize your workflows

  • You are looking for a solution to a GIS problem

  • You need a web app or mobile app

Our experienced team can work as a stand-alone entity or we can join in a project as well.

We are planning to have a long-standing business relationship with our partners, ensuring the continued support and maintenance of our finished products.

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Software solutions for every platform

A well-designed application can spare a lot of time and effort for a business. We ensure a completely satisfactory result, for web, mobile and desktop applications.

desktop apps
hybrid iOS apps
hybrid Android apps
responsive web apps

Backend development

Most modern businesses require some way to process large amount of data in a fast and efficient manner. Our broad range of experiences on this field includes the development of on-premise or cloud-based server-side solutions, Node.js backend systems and complex geospatial applications.

cloud systems
SQL Server
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What we are good at

User-friendly interfaces

User-friendly interfaces

Our strength lies in the development of platform-independent web and mobile applications, but we also feel comfortable creating traditional Windows desktop solutions as well. It is important to us that our applications have a responsive design and look equally nice on every required platforms.



We have more than 20 years of experience with resource-sensitive and high-traffic systems. Among others, our projects included multi-threaded data-processing solutions and geospatial algorithms, optimized for high quantities of data.

Customer centricity

Customer centricity

From the very first contact we keep up an active communication channel with our partners, to ensure that we understand their needs and requirements completely and to find the ideal solution to any occurring problems. We only ship solutions, that we would feel comfortable to use.

Our projects



This is an application developed for a Czech distribution company specialized in precision agriculture, and it offers a unified, machine type-independent GIS solution for planning agricultural work.

Further information

Electronic road toll system

Several people from our team have developed applications for the electronic toll system operating in Hungary to perform all tasks prescribed for a toll declaration operator. These software were introduced to determine the distance-based toll payment for HGVs.

The co-operation between the toll declaration operator and Volvo Hungária resulted the integration of Volvo’s truck telematics system, also being part of the solution.

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Agricultural software solutions

Most of our team members took a crucial part in the creation and development of a market leader agricultural fleet management solution. The GNSS-based system is used in more than 10000 agricultural machines and transport vehicles across the East-Central European region.


Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to set up a personal meeting.

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